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Real Estate in Alicante: Where the Properties Sell the Most

real estate in Alicante

If you consider residing in Alicante, Spain, we support that idea enthusiastically. But don't take our word for it.

Foreigners make up around 15% of the population, and the region is renowned for its huge expatriates, mainly the British. Although its image as a tourist is widespread, it is also an excellent location to call home.

Think beautiful beaches, elegant townhouses, reasonable living costs, and of course all that sunlight, and soon you will realize why it is a great location to live.

Consider the kind of home you prefer, from a distinguished cottage to duplex penthouse apartments, luxury properties, and Spanish inland properties such as a Finca. Let us look at popular neighborhoods with this in mind.

Why do people like this Spanish town?

Minimal Culture Shock

No one wants to get out like a sore thumb when moving and, worse, take a false cultural step. The critical feature of living in Alicante abroad is that the multicultural environment minimizes the impact of culture. Thousands of expats have already chosen it as their home, so it's simple to obtain tips and make friends with others, but Spanish people are also nice. Expats are primarily affected by cultural shocks when moving to countries like Asia, but because Spain is Europe's top destination, any relocation stress is about to vanish.

Spanish Outdoor Weather and Activities

Retreat to Alicante means to tap into a beautiful outdoor lifestyle, which is excellent for your health by any doctor. Although golf courses are a favorite option for many visitors and expatriates, the area is more than that. 

The most significant locations are to get to know Mother Nature via adventure sports or just hitting one of the hiking paths. In addition, the Mediterranean climate implies that this new lifestyle is not only limited to a few months but around 300 days a year.

Beautiful beaches and coastline

Most expatriates prefer to choose coastal destinations and, when you go to Alicante, there are 14 beaches, coves, bays, and some of Spain's most stunning beaches within easy driving distance.  In certain beach areas and the typical water activities, swimming and sunbathing, they center around the seafood eating scene at night, conjuring a nice mood in Spain.

Alicante Property Market

Some expats rent, but most purchase property while looking for locations to live, since the market in Alicante still offers value for money despite operating in Euros. 

Since the 2008 housing crisis has not yet recovered, there are many neighborhoods where townhouses and villas create their homes from home. Grant Alacant is a popular location since Alicante International Airport is just a 10-minute drive away, but there are plenty more sites to pick from in the wider province. 

Do You Want to Buy or Sell Property in Alicante?

vacation apartments in Spain

Deciding where to purchase property in Alicante makes several options. 

The neighborhood is a mixture of flats and villas for sale belonging to the Costa Blanca region of Mediterranean Spain and is one of Spain's most active real estate markets. 

When purchasing property, we assist all our home buyers to step by step in the purchase process to rest and take time to select a villa or apartment that meets their lifestyle requirements and budget.

When you look at Alicante's homes for sale, you'll quickly find several different neighborhoods.  After all, we're not just talking about the city center but the area. So, we compiled this report on the hotspots in the property market. However, before you start searching, attempt to limit your criteria.

Examples often included by international purchasers are: A magnificent sea view. Position on the beach. Completely furnished pool. Promising financial growth.

Where to buy Alicante property

#1 Community Villa Martin Gated

Born in the 1970s, Villa Martin grew from a tiny hamlet into a large town with many foreign owners. There is everything in the metropolitan area, including a retail mall and a golf course. 

Anyone who wants to rent their home should check here since tourism is also a daily activity. Whether you desire a ground floor, a townhouse, or a detached house, Villa Martin is the place to locate your ideal home. It is a fantastic location to stay. Find your perfect house in Villa Martin.

#2 Old Tower – Alicante

Sitting 50 kilometers south of the city and today has over 100 000 inhabitants, Torrevieja is one of Spain's most popular tourist and expat centers. 

Due to its popularity, property purchasers will be pleased with the excellent value of their houses for sale. Many people are within easy reach of all social facilities and good transit connections. 

Even though the housing market has new buildings, there is also a good variety of resale homes. Punta Prima is a popular neighborhood in Torrevieja at affordable rates. About owning a Torrevieja property.

#3 Gran Alacant

The location is everything about Gran Alacant homes since the international airport of Alicante, and the Alicante Centre is only a 10-minute drive away. 

With sunlight of more than 300 days a year, Gran Alacant provides the genuinely laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere with sandy beaches and lengthy walks. Whether you're searching for a condo or family home, it's a great location to start your search for a property, with every price for a house that is value for the money and the center that offers everything for an exquisite life in Spain. More about Grant Alacant property investment.

#4 Guardamar

Luxurious villas have considerable market space, but purchasers who desire an apartment also have a limited option. Sitting 45 minutes by car from Alicante Airport, you'll never get tired of regular transit connections to other neighboring cities. 

Guardamar may not be one of Spain's most popular spots for property purchases, but its prominence grows every year, particularly in the vacation house rental sector. Find out more about Guardamar's overseas property.

#5 Gorgeous Javea

Ah, lovely Javea. Due to the fantastic scenery and gorgeous beaches, Javea is sometimes dubbed the Perle of the Costa Blanca and is perfect for those seeking real estate investment, rental income, or a retirement spot. 

Javea performs a great job in luxurious twinning properties with commercial properties, making its market complete for many purchasers. More about purchasing a Javea home.

How much cost apartment in Alicante?

Basicly the price of the apartment depends from the neighbourhood of the sea and distance from it. The other factors are standard of furnishment and type of the residential building. Sample price range You can see in table below:

Property in Alicante - offer prices

Apartment typePrice range
Studio30-50 000 Euro
2 room apartment60-120 000 Euro
3 room apartment120-400 000 Euro

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