Property shark - What differentiates a great real estate agent from the average one?

property shark

Best real estate agents – property sharks.

House hunting is a long process and one has to go through a lot of people before getting what one truly wants. It can also be confusing and draining. To help in this endeavor, we have real estate agents to make this process easier for us. But all of us know the real estate industry and agents get a bad rap for dishonest and unprofessional conduct.

Generally speaking best real estate agents do not belive in luck and coincidence. Their work base on statics, analitics, transaction data, best business apps and software and first of all relationships.

They minimalize the risk in business, but at the same time they fight for most profitable deals on the market that involve them often for months. Many of them use special business and statisctic models that's why they see the market much more widely than the customer.

Property shark vs casual agent


Here are a few things to observe in order for you can find a great real estate agent from the average one.
  1. Open Communication.

When you first meet a real estate agent, you would come to know 10 minutes into the conversation if he is open listen to you or he has his own agenda of selling his properties to you. A good real estate will first and foremost take down all your requirements and ask you many questions regarding your likes and dislikes, the details you property etc.

Whereas an average real estate could be intuitively sensed when he opens his mouth and throws out ‘suggestions’ and unsolicited advice regarding buying a home (if buying ) or what price to sell at (at selling).

Great real estate agents understand vaule of good communication so the rely on apps and software that allow it (communicators, webconferences) – at the same time they take care on every apect of transactions. They always say as it is even if naked truth is not attractive to clients.

real estate market

  2. Experience in real estate market.

A person who knows the intricacies of the market and has tread the path would be in a much better position to guide you to make a good decision. Thanks to large expierience they can successfully advice You in the field of transaction and future investment (usefull knowledge in time when everyone is trying to convince You that his investment is a bargain and promotion).

Having said that, a newbie in the real estate industry may also not be overlooked if he has good connections to hunt a good home for you.


Generally, new and inexperienced real estate agents do not have the requisite traction with the area they operate in or with the civic officials to make the deal a smooth process. An experienced agent can tell you exactly how many properties have he sold, at what price, in which area and the neighborhood etc. He will also expect you to set realistic expectations from the marketplace.

At the same time great real estate agent (property shark) has and access to properties that are not listed on Internet, real estate software and apps and other sources so he can offer it beyond the que of other clients. Helpfull option especially when You search proftable investement, property beyond the value or do not like to compete with other about the price.

Finally he can present Your property in a very attractive way. He take care about proper visual materials like high quality photos, presentation movies, 3D floor pland and 3D vis. The final prepared by great agent can show not only what the property is but what property can be. It's a very important thing in trading real estate from primary market and these that require renovation.

Great real estate agents also work with interior architects – that's wyhy they can inform You also about the final cost of potencial renovation. Sample pro – presentation You can see bewlow:

3. Organization and Resourcefulness.

If a real estate agent is well-organized, this shows in his work and the way he approaches the clients. Does the agent still remember what you told him the first time you met? Does he know your requirements? How does he keep himself organized? By digitally storing data, saving on his mobile device or by keeping a notebook handy - whatever method he or uses, a good agent will always know your needs and will not show you the types of properties which you are not interested in and which are beyond your budget.   An average agent will exactly be the opposite of this, highly unorganized and scattered, and therefore confused, inefficient and diffident.


Since real estate involves making big purchase decisions, there are many heads parties involved -- the house hunters, the sellers family, and the real estate agent or agents. For this, showing up on time, or be early is a hallmark of a professional. A good real estate ought to be early to inspect the site and the surroundings and to ensure if everything relating to the property is in proper order. Once the house hunters come to see the property, there is no way he can mend or clean things in the property. An average real estate agent meanwhile will lose the professional trust that goes with being on time. Once people get a feeling about your lack of professionalism, it is very difficult to build it back.

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 5. Comfort factor with the agent.

Many house hunters swear by a few reputed national real estate agents and avail their services and keep referring to them over and over again because of just one thing -- comfort level. The level of comfort an agent offers you in the process of house hunting --- right from the first meeting, to scheduling the property visits and finally completing the transaction, documentation, and handing over the keys -- is of utmost importance for people. House hunting is often a long and a tedious job and requires people to make a lot of compromises and adjustments to their original plans and wishes. Thus an agent who genuinely makes people feel comfortable once and for all will be at the top of his game. On the other hand, an real estate agent will make you feel uncomfortable with his talk and behavior on account of lack of knowledge or concern for house hunters. This intuitively makes people such weed out such real estate agents.  

6.Hands on With Insider information.

A good real estate agent will know a lot of insider things, about the locality they operate in. For eg. is the area inhabited by drug dealers and users, how safe is the neighborhood for single women or elderly people, crime rate and also how the community mindset operates etc. An average real estate will largely be clueless about such things and won’t be able to offer valuable insights about the neighborhoods and the happenings in the nearby areas.

 8. Frequency of Communication.

An agent who regularly follows up with the clients and offers them different options would stand out from the crowd of agents who show up once a while when they require you or make you feel that you are not a priority. Thus, a good agent will always keep the communication lines open and update you regularly on various matters -- such as new listing available in the market, their pricing, the discount rates etc. An average real estate agent will communicate less frequently and make you wonder if he or she is indeed working on your requirements.

  8) After sales etiquettes.

Many agents wave goodbye after handing over the keys never to be seen again. But making a good mark even after the sale is completed is hallmark of a good agent. A follow-up call to ask about their experience with regards to their new homes or even his services will go a long way in establishing trust, bond and relationship beyond the transaction. This is a key to repeat business too. An average agent may never even think of following up.

9. They never give up.

In every situation. Marketing, negotiations, advice, transaction. This is important especially in luxury real estate market. Instead of complaining and looking who is guilty they are always focused on the final effect and getting things done. That's why their final annual effect is so impressive.

Author: Michal Banaszak

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