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Brand new project in our company
Luxury studio - interior project  Homedesign - architectural styles Glass touch switches - modern enlightment controll

The greatest thing in modern architecture is the possibility how simple and row apartment/ house/ office cand be transformed into real masterpiece. At showroom part we present most impressive and original interiors from our clients and business partners. Every single interior has very original project and furnishment. We publish also direct contact to architectural companies that are owners of the project.

Most of the project comes from our another service Nieruchomości Wrocław. We have choosen bet designed apartments and mansions to show You most original projects, add ons and construction solutions. The following article will be developed in time. We publish also direct contact to architectural companies that designed this amazing properties. Weclome to our:

Luxury property showroom

modern bathroom
modern bathroom
modern living room
modern living room

1. First interior present 50m2 apartment in IV floor block. Wooden floors + wide windows, new kitchen connected with living room. Modern and traditional interior at the same time.

luxury bathroom

Luxury mansions - interior design

2. The project that You asked in emails and Facebook. Clasic, bright bathroom from apartment. Floor: exotic wood (merbau), golden mosaic, leed enlightment, On the second wall special image printed on ceramic surface.

luxury living room Italy
luxury living room

3. Showroom designed for italian company. Contains marquee collection of construction materials. Great, well designed interior dedicated to luxury mansions and residential properties. Pay attention how many details and solutions was placed at one interior.

luxury mansion in Poland
luxury mansion in Poland

4. The house that was designed from the begining. The cubature, property layout, construction materials and enlightment - all together present very original interior. Across 5m high living room, nice main bathroom with golden walls, great shape of the building

Currently the property is listed on sale in our service:
Luxury house for sale in Poland

luxury penthouse for sale

luxury penthouse for sale

luxury gym

luxury bathroom

5. The interior of across 140m2, II condignation apartment located in old tenement house. The living room is 80m2 big and about 6m high. The wooden floor impragnated with varnished surface and reflects all lights very well. Thanks to stilted floor the bath in toile of this apartment can be implemented into floor. Wooden furnishement and leed lights make the interior really calm and modern at the same time.

6. The apartment has 360 degree shape of wheel (watch the architectural plan), The interior was furnished with very detail oriented way. Starting of floor, walls and enlightment makes this apartment 100% unique. All details in pictures below:

luxury office interior project

7. Very modern and representative interior of the office in Poland. The interior was designed inside old tenement house with panoramic view on the city. Very high interior. Old windows has been underlined as well as all surface of the roof.

apartment for sale
apartment for sale

8. Modern and stylish interior from residential apartment. White and bright interior, perfeclty placed and furnished kitchen with original lamp. The second floor contains wooden oak floors, separate bathroom and two bedroom with embed wardrobe.

luxury bathroom 9. The project of bathroom with 3D surface of the floor and marquee ceramic materials.

One of the most oryginal apartments in our company. The interior (94m2, sqm ) contains big 36m2 living room, two separate bedroom, 2 bathrooms and big 18m2 terrace with panoramic view on the city.

luxury living room project

The interior was designes in a very accurate way - every single step was coordinated with the previous one. The apartment is loced on a bery high floor near the river. The main purpose of this project was to create very lucid interior that will reflect interior and outside light.

luxury living room at night

The roof is made from special materials that reflects the light. The main light comes from crystal lamp surrounded by mirror. Additional crytal lamps overt the table. Chairs was made from profiled glass. Wooden floors, wall painted by ceramic materials.

The living room contains also: chiney, golden sculpture, nice heater, glass touch switches and big acros 1,3 m oval mirror with leed enlightment.

luxury crystal bedroom

The bedroom contains big bed with black laminated wooden ackgound, surrounded by mirrors on the wall and top of the apartment. Placed on the white floor. Additionally the edge of the bed was enlighted by leed. Bathroom was made by wood (Merbau- very rare egzotic wood), golden ceramic mosaic surface, white ceramic tiles, and specially profiled enlighted roof. On the second wall painting printed on the surface of mosaic.

All offer and picures, 3D viz and skyline panoramic view was placed at our company movie:

Luxury apartments & penthouse interior projects

11. Very original project of the apartment in the shape of wheel. Furnished in every detail. Impressive connection of light and original materials. Floors furnished by stone mosaic and wood. Wooden kitchen with countertop made of very rare granite. Walls furnished by enlighten travertine.

luxury apartment projects

luxury kitchen interiors

Bathroom: bath embedd in stone. Big surface of mirror. Floors: gres. All interior enlighted by plafond with 250 original crystals. The apartment surrounded by 200m2 terrace.

luxury bathroom ideas

12.Classic penthouse project. Very high roof across 6m (!). Wooden oak floors. White walls painted by latex paint to reflect lights. Enlighted by crystal leed plafond and additional points of light. Bedroom connected with wardrobe and additional space for work. Stairs embedd in walls, sourrounded by balustrade made form temepered glass.

luxury penthouse for sale
luxury apartment for sale
luxury penthouse for sale

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