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Real estate agents deal with a lot of contacts in their work as they try and follow leads. Apps in property business facilitate daily job and help realtor boost their business. Needless to say that beeing real estate agent mean working hard with fast pace and large amount of data from clients around the world. In this article we are presenting most attractive applications in the field of: property presentation, productivity, data and brand analytics and customer service.

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  • If you are a real estate agent or broker, you might have been in a situation where you had an enormous amount of data from your leads and you couldn’t help but be confused with matching some details.

    The proper arrangement is crucial especially if you have many clients and a lot going on in your life. With the right information instantly available, a real estate agent is able to seize opportunities and make sales.

    You have to make sure your organization is up to the amount of data you are collecting every time, and that is where these real estate agents applications come in play. They offer you a great variety of ways to organize your client’s information in situations like cold calls, door knocks, and other ways real estate agents acquire leads.

    Some of the following apps also offer an advantage to the customers as they help them with house shopping. If you are buying a place for yourself, you are certainly not going to make a six-figure purchase without first consulting the market in detail.

    Even though these apps are geared more towards the real estate agents, as a real estate customer you can use some of these apps to compare agents and their reputation. Without further due, we have listed some helpful applications for real estate agents.


    This is an app developed by Compass and Contactually developers. They are strong in providing you the best and simple ways to stay engaged with every part of your network. When using the Contactually application, you have the full power of their CRM in your grasp. You simply need to arrange your key contacts into buckets and contractually will take care of the remaining tasks in building strong relationships with your customers.

    They make sure of regular follow-ups and you will have less cold and forgotten connections. In addition, Contactually will keep up with the updates in the CRM business and they train their users on these updates too. This makes Contactually a go-to application for your real estate agency.


    Boxbrownie is a revolutionary application of the residential or commercial real estate industry. They provide high-quality and professional image rendering services to boost your real estate products listing at quite affordable prices. They offer services like image enhancement, virtual staging, day to dusk photo retouching, Item removal, floor plan redraws in 2D and 3D, plans rendering, copywriting, 360 degrees image enhancement and virtual staging, virtual renovation, and virtual tours to showcase your property.

    All you have to do is upload your photos and Boxbrownie professionals will make sure you get the enhancements you want with a very fast turnaround. You don’t need a subscription fee to stay on Boxbrownie, you only pay a flat fee when you get your products.

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    Very easy to use app that can create high quality 3D floor plans that shows property layout. One of the main advantages of this application is vast amount od 3D models that can be implemented into Your 3D project. The final plan present very attractive and show the property interior in a accurate way.


    In current time there is no reason not to set up Youtube channel. Right now everybody want to automate his job and make it as remote as it is possible. Youtube allow not only show overall interior but also present You as a realtor but also company life and business achievments. Together with drone operators You can create very attractive movies and show it online.

    Sample video presentation below from the service:


    As a real estate agent, if you ever need a scanning tool on the go then Camscanner offers outstanding features for your real estate documents to be quickly available and outstanding. Real estate requires a lot of documents scanned or sent for printing; with Camscanner you can convert any document into a PDF using your smartphone’s camera.

    The app has a powerful auto-enhancing capacity and you can save your documents on the cloud. Another great feature on this app is OCR (optical character recognition), which helps you extract any text from a physical document for processing.


    Have you ever been on an online selling platform and saw an instant messaging panel for customer support? If yes, then you have an idea about what Livechat’s services are all about. Livechat is a company that provides you with the best live chat with customer support for your online visitors. If your real estate agency has an online website, then don’t miss out on this great tool. It will save you tremendous time and effort in building customer relationships. This tool can replace your usual phone calls and emails to provide instant customer satisfaction.


    Social media is the go-to for businesses nowadays; this is where your customers will share opinions about your real estate services, so social media helps you get instant feedback on how your business is doing. This is where Brand24 steps in; they provide you with effective and user-friendly social management features such as discussion volume charts, showing you mention feeds, and sentiment analysis.

    They will track and analyze online conversations about clients, brands, products, and competition. With Brand24 you will have control over your online reputation and be able to solve PR sticky situations in no time.


    DIIB is an applictation that analyzy organic traffic from browsers, Social Media, SEO factors and Google Business Sites and show You practical analytic data together with solutions. The interface of application and overall data are presented in a very legibly way. Application shows also how small changes in Your marketing can influence on financial score ang give You many practical and usefull business sugestions. Very nice and powerfull tool to boost Your company and develop marketing in a fast way.


    Zoho CRM is the application that will provide you with all the necessary communication tools your real estate business needs to go from a simple greeting to the deal handshake. Zoho CRM can be easily tailored to fit the size of your real estate clientele. With its easy interface, you can create different modules and even clone layouts to easily organize your business contacts and relationships. This will always come in handy as the real estate business is crowded with contacts and need constant follow-ups.

    Instagram & Pinterest.

    Real estate is all about displaying your products to catch the eyes of a potential house property buyer. So if you have a real-estate agency, what better platform to display your quality images than Instagram? Instagram now counts over one billion users and with the right systems in place, you are sure to get your products seen and later convert potential customers. Make use of the different Instagram trends for real estate and provide content for your followers to look at and even share.

    What is more important Instagram is a perfect place to present attractive interiors with dedicated hashtags and generating business contacts with other realtors. You can present impressive photos as well as short movies. You can also hire other users to promote Your company content.

    Pinterest is also great tool to generate additional trafffic to Your site and present sample parts and products that are presented on image. It's also great place to present inspirational photos and educational marketing materials.

    All these great apps offer a real estate agent many features that will allow more speed and flexibility in their service delivery. Make use of the different combinations to enhance your product listing, keep relationships alive with your clients, display your best listings to millions of users, manage real estate documents, and much more.

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