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In the current world, several types of business are available. Including those real estate is the most fabulous one. The word real estate means real, or physical, property. It means doing business via housing. The buildings, Land, underground rights below the land and air rights above the land are included in the real estate property. You can see a lot of real estate property around the world. But the property of Chicago is one of the most preferred ones to the home buyers. For its affordable price, it is captivating the owner's mind with time.

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The outlook of real estate market in Chicago in 2020:

Chicago is one of the most renowned places in the united states. The real estate market in Chicago is also good enough. There are few cities in this nation where housing prices still in control. They haven’t risen above their 2006 levels. For its high prices in real estate, this City perhaps may not seem like a “good” place to invest in housing. If you focus on the highest capital growth and cash flow, you’ll find Chicago in the top list. Some of its neighborhoods offer homes at an affordable price.

The price ranges from $128,000 to $210,00. The rent is nearly 1.13% of the purchase price every month. For all of this good news, investors are looking for this real estate market. In January the median home price in the city of Chicago was $267,500. It ups 4.9% over the year. Condos sold during January in Chicago with a $295,000 median sales price. It downs 1.3% per year. During January, these medians are based solely on closed sales within the city’s limits. If you look at the rolling 12-month average, it will be cleared. It illustrates a clear picture of Chicago’s real estate prices. the median overall home price was $295,000 for all homes that were sold in the past 12 months.

Besides, Condos was sold with a $319,000 average median price over the past 12 months. If you compare home prices of January with the spring and summer, you can find a decreasing trend. That’s why January becomes an unusually busy time for home buyers and sellers as well. There were 1,453 closed sales in the city during January. Including those, condo sales were 709 out of total sales. The closed sales increased by 7.9% in January 2020 compared to recent year sales. According to the real estate market, perhaps, earlier 2020 will be a good time for home buyers. But it is very hard to estimate this concept.

According to the recent dip in home prices, buyers may want to take a “wait-and-see” approach. Even, home buyers in Chicago are negotiating more than the past years. You can see the mortgage rates are still hovering close to historic lows. It downs from 4.51%. Besides, the average traditional rental income in Chicago is $2,068. It has an average income of $2,598 for Airbnb investment property. Even, the income averages of Chicago’s are also higher than the Illinois real estate market.

The average traditional rental income of the state is $1,778, whereas, $2,562 is the average Airbnb rental income. Moreover, the price of Chicago housing is more affordable compared to other cities. The median property price of the other cities ranges from $800,000 to $1.5 million. But the price of the Chicago real estate market is $412,482. That’s why home buyers are more attracted to this market. Besides this, the Chicago rental property will be highly demanded in 2020.

About 55% of the total Chicago population lives in rental properties. That will be a better option for rental owners to have more profit. The rent ratio of Chicago real estate is 16, which is good. The rental demand for Chicago is boosting in the year 2020. That’s why the real estate of Chicago is a must for its rental demand.

The best properties of real estate Chicago: There are a lot of properties available in Chicago. Among them, some of the best properties are stated below.

where to live in Chicago

Best places in Chicago to buy houses:

There are many places in Chicago, from where anybody can buy condo, penthouse and so on. Among them, some of the best places are stated below.

Chicago Lakeview:

Lakeview is one of the best places to live in. You can buy condos here. It has nearly 150 new condos and townhomes. Some of them are sold and some of them available for selling on the market. That’s why Lakeview is a well worth place to buy a new condo. The median home sale price is $405,000 in Lakeview. These condos have a great view. The neighborhood has a huge collection of condos. It has proximity to the beautiful lake. If you try the condo towers in Lakeview East, you can enjoy the luxury. Lakeview has the benefit of easy commuting and shopping.

Chicago Porter:

Porter is one of the best places in Chicago to buy a house. It has a 4833 population. It is a suburb of Chicago. The median home values of Chicago is $186500. This amount is $184700 for the national people. Median rent for a house is $1278. It is ranked 9 as the best suburb to buy a house. Additionally, it ranks 11 as the best place to buy a house. You can feel safe in porter. You can find a few good schools and recreational places in Porter.

Chicago Lincoln Park:

If you are looking for a worthy place for buying condos, Lincoln Park is a perfect place for buying. It is a top destination for luxury living. In the list of neighborhoods, it comes third with the highest number of new condos and townhomes. Some of these condos are sold. Some of them are available for sale. The median sale price for Lincoln park is $554,000. You can see classic brownstones and extensive open space in the neighborhood. With the quieter residential area, it has a youthful vibe.

Chicago Indian head park:


Indiana head park is a suburb of Chicago. It is situated in Cook's country. It is one of the best places to live in Illinois. It is also a good place in Chicago to buy a house. It has a 3812 population. Median rent for a house is $943. The median home value is $236900. This amount is $184700 for the national. It ranks 3 as the best suburb to buy a house. Besides, it ranks 4 as the best place to buy a house. You can feel safe and sound in the Indiana head park. There are some good schools available. The facilities for food and recreation are also well enough.

Chicago Logan Square:

If you are looking for new condos to buy, you can browse Logan Square. It has more than 100 new condos and townhomes. The median sale price of Logan square’s condos is $400,000. You can also be able to find a wide price range here. Besides, in this neighborhood, developers are looking to create a residential footprint. Logan Square’s popularity has been growing, with time. You can also be able to see a sign of development on other major projects. CTA Blue Line, a piece of former furniture, is being redeveloped into a boutique hotel. the long-derelict Congress Theater might now include a high-rise apartment building.

Many other places are also available that are worth to buy condos, penthouse, and other houses. Some of them are West town, Near north side, East north water street, East lakeshore drive, North Astor street, East Delaware place, West Ontario street, East Goethe, south Michigan avenue and so on.

Chicago the best place to live:

Chicago is one of the most beautiful places around the world. There are several reasons why Chicago is one of the best places to live in. In the 1800s, it has become very famous as a transit hub with crisscrossing rail lines and access to the Great Lakes. Currently, it has boasted two large airports with direct flights. You can fly just about anywhere. In this city, you can find public transportation, divvy bikes, trolley tours, cabs, rideshare services, and more.

Moreover, you can see a water taxi on the Chicago River. For all of this facility, it has become a more popular place to reside. There is a big reason why it has become one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It is the water of body Chicago. If you visit there, you can see a splendid water body. It's not an ocean. Because there have not any hurricanes. The swimmers won't be attacked by a shark or stung by jellyfish. There are miles of beaches with beautiful sunrises and boating. Once you live there, you will never want to return. It’s a great place to visit. If you live in Chicago and spend your money, you will never regret. It is famed for Michigan Ave. shopping district. It is an attraction for tourists and residents.

The American Girl store is another beautiful one for kids. You can go and buy the gorgeous things. For a boutique-based shopping experience, you can hang out to the wicker Park or upscale shops in Lincoln Park. Though Chicago is brutal in the winter, the summers, springs, and falls are luxurious. make. You can put off the jackets and wear shorts, sandals. You can hang out everywhere with amazing feelings. You can enjoy the country fairs. The food facility is also very good. You can find universities which are good in qualities. In a word, for all of this reason, it is one of the best places to live in.


Chicago is one of the most beautiful and stunning places to live in. Besides, you can find plenty of places to buy condos, penthouse and other houses in Chicago. That’s why it is captivating the home buyer’s mind with the flow of time.

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