Home Design & Home decor- Architectural trends and styles 2020.

Luxury houses and mansions – architectural trends.


Nowadays there are apartments you look at and feel like, do humans really live here! You are like, this mansion is heavenly! It is just like it is built for angels! That is what modern home design has brought to us in this 21st century. There are houses that are just gorgeous and awe-inspiring with their designs and interiors. In this article You will get following info:

  • What are most popular architecture styles?

  • New trends in interior design

  • Sample photos of luxury properties

  • Homedesign trends: crystal lamps, glass touch switches, smart home systems,
    home office design ,perfection and geometry .

  • Consequent upon this reality, we are going to examine the best home designs and interiors around from which you can choose to design your own apartment. We are also going to consider what is common to these famous modern best designs, both interiors and exteriors.

    homedesign luxury home

    There are various modern home designs of various types in this contemporary world. Modern Bungalow Home Design. This design is the common average design in urban areas. You might be thinking, bungalow, a modern home design? You might think it is archaic or peasantry. But you are actually wrong. That was in the olden days. In modern contemporary times, bungalows have evolved into beautiful and elegant home designs. There are gardens usually incorporated into the sides of the bungalow. High Plaster of Paris(POP) ceilings, modern and glass windows among others. Modern bungalows now posses different floors. The second floor is usually the one with the most modern interiors.

    Modern Duplex Home Design. This design is a more comfortable one. The house is usually divided into two sections with a common wall. This type of house has a staircase inside. It has a lower floor and upper floor. Duplexes are loved for their very high POP ceilings and chandeliers. The staircase is usually made of steel. The advantage of a duplex kind of home design is the fact that it is ideal for large families. Duplexes usually have up to three living rooms and more than three bedrooms. It is also not uncommon to find a duplex with two kitchens.

    homedesign modern villa

    Glass or transparent modern home designs. This type of design is usually ultra-modern. It is your ideal type of luxurious apartment. These type of house is usually made up of large glass openings as an entrance. They are usually accompanied by Wooden PVC flooring. One common feature of this type of home design is the water view. The view is such that you can see the height and scape of the house from the swimming pool usually placed beside the house at the backyard or in front. This type of house is ideal for the beach. You can see the elegant waterscape conveniently and also allow for fresh air.


    Mansion Home Design. This is also one luxurious type of apartment. Noticeable about mansions is the gigantic nature of the buildings. These type of houses usually has a double-figure number of rooms. They are also characterized by their large hectares of land. Originally, these type of design was for priests in ancient times but now, extremely wealthy persons live in such mansions.

    Container Home Design. This type of design is not very trendy but it can also look elegant too. The house is inside a container, usually an old shipping container and glass. Most times, they are portable. Art Deco Home Designs. This modern design actually originated in France after the Second World War I, this type of design is an imitation of the imagery of various arts and motifs. Though the are popular among public buildings and organizational buildings, they can also be built by extremely wealthy individuals.

    Most popular architectural styles.

    What is common to all those designs? If you followed carefully you would see that all those designs incorporate PVC materials, POP ceilings, glass windows and steel alignments. We can then classify modern interiors into four different types.


    1. Modern

    This is a look that notices back to the turn-of-the-century modern time. It underscores liberal utilization of uncovered steel with upset wooden components, every now and again supplemented by uncovered block dividers. The advanced variation normally incorporates copper-tone complements. As far as general feel, mechanical stylistic theme is regularly provincial and experienced.

    2. Nautical

    Warm, unwinding, and positive. Nautical stylistic layout (additionally alluded to as waterfront or bungalow stylistic theme) mirrors the New England sea shore house soul. This inside plan style depends on white or sand shaded establishment, with blue as the essential emphasize shading.

    Material-wise, nautical stylistic theme fuses incomplete wood in its tables or seats, joined with chic cloth upholstery for your parlour seats and couches. Your alternatives for brightening complements are many: shells in clear containers, jute ropes, paddling paddles, boats, navigational maps, and the sky is the limit from there! Our assortment for Coastal Furniture and Decor incorporates an examining of house enlivened plans. Earthenware Barn and Pier 1 are extraordinary hotspots for decorations that fit this pattern.


    3. Scandinavian style.

    An off-shoot of the mid-century present day development, Scandinavian plan acquainted a famous moderate look with the inside design field that keeps going right up until the present time. Albeit the vast majority partner it with IKEA, there are an assortment of subset searches inside Scandinavian structure itself. Highlighting delicate shapes, fun loving accent hues, and an equalization of designed and natural materials, Scandinavian furniture are basic, contemporary, and utilitarian. Numerous Scandinavian plans utilize Bauhaus standards and are described by liquid lines, centre around object extents, and populist advance. An incredibly dominant part of Scandinavian insides utilizes white with dim tones as the establishment hues. Scandinavian style is very universal one and very popular among apartments for rent in Europe. It's a great example of lucid interior with nice to eye tonality.

    luxury apartmetn interior project

    Ultra-modern.Ultra-modern. This type of interior incorporates the above three into its design. This design is the one that has ultra-luxurious fittings. The ceilings, chandelier, furniture are all made up of expensive and luxurious PVC and Gold. Together with specially designed enlightment final intriot looks very impressive. Ultram modern apartments and mansions contains not only orignial shapes and curves but also special glass and wooden building.

    Luxury gadgets and add ons in modern house.

    Nowdays there are very popular add-ons that are very practial and improve overall interior at the same time.

    Crystal leed lamps.

    Make erver single interior awesome, unique and individual. Especially Italian one. Sample photo below. If You do not belive us check watch photo below.

    Leed remote controlled enlightment.

    Thanks to integrated systems it's possible to switch lights, furniture enlightment and fully controlled it. Together with ambilight systems creating scenes looks very well. Remote controlled lights are often connected with smart home systems.

    luxury lamps
    Glass touch switches

    Very popular add on to luxury living rooms and bedrooms (especially Welaik touch switches. Just like enlightment can be interated with smart home systems. Glass switches looks perfect on white wall or at the modern office.

    glass touch switches

    Living room and modern home office place to work

    Because of Covid pandemy many clients decided to connect living and work at the same place. They decide to design additional working space. Together with new enlightment and electricity add ons final solution is very practical and save living area in the room. Sample photo below:

    home office studio


    We have seen from this article the different types of home designs. More so, we have also seen what is common to particular types and all types in general.

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    Author: Michal Banaszak