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Why is the Real Estate Profession Worth Pursuing?

The real estate profession has been regarded as one of the most exciting, effortless and a lucrative profession to join and pursue. It involves the work of real estate agents to assist clients in buying, selling, and even renting different sorts of properties that can either be residential or even commercial properties.

The profession might seem fruitful to many others, which it is, but the job of a real estate agent demands time, energy and whole lot of dedication. The most uncomplicated part of the entire process of getting into the real estate profession is securing the license to practice as a real estate agent. The job has many requirements, that should be fulfilled both on and off duty. The profession of a real estate agent does provide you with a number of growing opportunities such as meeting new people, brokering luxury real estate deals and making a load of money, but all of this requires extensive backbreaking work and won't pay your bills immediately after you start off as a real estate agent.

How to Become A Real Estate Agent?

Getting the job is quite effortless. You just have to follow a few simple steps to become a licensed and practicing real estate agent.

  • Get yourself enrolled in a program related to the real estate profession
  • Before graduating, secure an apprenticeship with a reputed Real Estate Brokerage, where you will practice your profession
  • Sit for the Real estate agent's exam. If you succeed (which most people do), you will get a license to practice as a professional real estate agent.
  • It is rather quite easy to implement the afore mentioned steps. The real trial begins when you set foot in the real estate world.

    Working As a Real Estate Agent:

    When you are employed as a real estate agent, you are required to perform a number of duties. You working hours are specified by yourself, but the different duties associated with this job, keep you considerably occupied.

    The following responsibilities are requisites of this job:

    Build a Client Database: The first few clients that you will work for, might be your acquaintances. You will most definitely begin by asking your friends or members of your family or even extended family, to notify you whenever they need to trade a property. In the initial days, you will have to broker for your friends and family members, they will recommend you to their acquaintances and your client circle will keep on increasing.

    Provide Good Customer Service: Your job will require you to provide exceptional service to your clients, so that they may ask you to broker anymore property transactions in future. This customer service can also pay you back in the form that your customers refer or recommend your services to other people, leading to an eventual increase in your business.

    Compare Market value of Properties: If you are dealing with commercial as well as residential properties, then you should have knowledge of all the latest market values of properties. You will be required to get an estimate of different properties of the same niche, and then compare them. This way you will always have a record of a number of properties to be transacted, and then your clients can make a choice from any one of them.

    Prepare Records of Available Properties: Your clients will always appreciate and acknowledge your dedication to work, when you have a number of property listings available for them. This will be time consuming to collect data of every property that is available, but you hard work will definitely pay off.

    Attend or arrange property auctions: Property auctions are a great way to meet new people (i.e. contractors, brokers and most of all, clients), get an idea of latest property estimates and boost your business by promoting yourself.

    Market your Brand: To stay and excel in business, you will need to market yourself and your brand. This real estate marketing can be done through either commercial advertisement running on television and newspapers, or by texting and dispatching newsletters to your clients personally. This way they will remember to contact you when in need of dealing with a property.

    Arrange seller-buyer meetings and Appointments: One of the most important tasks to be performed by a real estate agent is to show around property to potential buyers. Arranging meetings between the seller and potential buyers and being present at the moment is also part of the job.

    File data and records in Agreements and documents: Filling in documents, and finalizing agreements for both clients and the real estate brokerage, are done when the transaction has been finalized, and an agreement is reached.

    Income Earned by Real Estate Agents:

    Income statements in the initial days of a real estate agent are mostly unsteady. The agents first have to find available properties, arrange their records, develop a clientele and arrange property tours. This entire procedure is very time consuming and pays only when a deal is struck between the two buyers and sellers. The real estate agent usually gets a commission of 5 % - 10 %, sometimes more, which might not last long. But once the business starts to grow and operate smoothly, real estate agents can easily earn up to thousands of dollars on brokering a single property deal.

    The real estate profession features many perks as well.
  • You don't have to attend to a 9 -5 job. In fact you can decide hours and the amount of time that is flexible for you to work in.

  • You can always join the real estate profession as a part time job. If you have the potential and stamina to juggle between two jobs at once, then real estate business can be a source of extra income for you.

  • You can sit further examinations and acquire certification that will improve your credibility and aid in your reputation.

  • Over the time, you can expand your brokerage business. This can be done by establishing your own brokerage office and hiring real estate agents to work for and assist you.
  • The best part about real estate profession is the fact that after you have brokered a deal, and there is no client to serve, you can take that much needed vacation and jet off to your ideal holiday destination, without having to ask anyone!
  • The real estate profession has the potential to allure people into pursuing it. You have the advantage of working on your own, at your own convenient schedule and make profit with it. Every day in the life of a real estate agent is different from the other. You work from your office, travel around, are introduced to people and get to see incredible properties every other day. The opportunities in this profession are unlimited and so is the work experience that you acquire over time.

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