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Real estate business has grown very widely all over the world and many people are venturing in the business. It has proved to be a very lucrative business making huge amounts of profits. In this article we shall look at the state of real estate in Poland but before that we shall first explain what real estate means .Usually real estate means the property occupying the land such as buildings, houses and air including whatever that is underground.

Types of real estate in Poland

There are many types of real estate .one of the major types of real estate include the residential real estate. This one mainly includes the areas and types of houses that are meant for people to live. This one includes homes for resale and even new constructions homes built by various investors.

In these types of real estate the major category is the use of single homes which are usually meant for family members. In this category there are still duplexes, townhouses, duplexes, triple decker and homes for vacation.

Another category is the investment in houses mainly for commercial purposes. This includes areas to put up shopping centers and others malls. There are also buildings made for the purposes of education and others for the purposes of putting up medical centers. Other people use it for the purpose of starting hotel businesses to ensure that there are recreational centers.

Also some people use real estate for commercial purposes by creating offices for various purposes. Apartment buildings, despite being used for residential purposes are usually classified in commercial category because they usually help in generating rent. Another major category includes industrial real estate which includes buildings used for the purposes of various manufacturing and processing.

These buildings are usually used for production and also for ensuring that the goods are stored safely and also for distribution of goods. There is also another category that includes the use of ranches land and farms for various purposes such as for commercial purposes.

Why Poland is attractive for foreigners

Poland is the most known country in Europe in various businesses. It is known as a fast growing economy and market in the continent of Europe because it has a lot of investments. One of the major reasons as to why Poland offers wide market for various business projects is because it is a member of European Union. Another advantage is that it helps various foreign investors to have cost -effective labour and also access to favourable market. Another important thing is that it provides a lot of diversification in market and other entrepreneurship opportunities.

Presence of a large market

Poland is one of the most populated countries in the European countries. Therefore it has provided the investors with a large number of consumers and market to the foreign investors thus this helps to attract a lot of foreign investors in the country. Also focusing on the market, the location of Poland in Europe has played a very great role because the country is located at the center of the country.

This facilitates the movement of goods while at the same time hence enabling even for import of goods. Therefore, foreign investors are attracted because they are able to reach millions of consumers.

Presence of special economic zones

Poland is well known for having well organized and strategic economic zones. The Government of Poland realized its potential of having many investment opportunities because of its resources and therefore it decided that one of the ways to eradicate any forms of unemployment is by ensuring that it helps to develop and encourage investment in the city.

Therefore it created what was called the Poland special zones. The zones were created purposely for economic purposes. Therefore, the Government created a number of special economic zones that were meant to ensure that investors had an easy time in their operations. This included even giving the investors some tax benefits.

Therefore, due to these reasons, many investors from the foreign countries are attracted to invest in real estate.

Availability of work force.

One of the factors that greatly attract foreign investors in the country of Poland is the availability of highly qualified personnel. Poland is well known for having many people who have the relevant skills in various disciplines.

Therefore, this attracts many foreign investors to come and invest in real estate business with ease. This is because there are highly qualified engineers, architects, accountants and even other areas of technology.

How investors make money

Investors usually make money from real estate business in Poland through a variety of ways. One of the ways is when they plan a project, start and complete the project and then sell the project in parts to make profit. This could be residential houses sold to prospective market including people who want to settle with their families.

Another way is by building various houses in different designs for leasing or renting to tenants for duration of period and thus helping to earn some income. Some of these houses may include houses for businesses and other commercial activities. Others are apartments through which the investors earn income through rent. According to statistics they have been shown to be very profitable .Actually, renting residential apartments in Poland is profitable and give 7 % roi.


In conclusion, the country of Poland is the best suited for various investments and for anyone who wishes to invest in real estate business he has big opportunities ahead.

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