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Placing listings in is very easy and simple. Thanks to our service You can place the listing and show clients properties, if You do not have company website and want to automate company marketing. By selecting proper marketing plan choose amount of listings that will be show every month in our service. If You need individual marketing plan - please contact our company.

world listings setup

All You need is to prepare: 8-10 photos, unique property description and link to Youtube movie.

Placing real estate listings in 7 steps

1. First activate You real estate account at our service in this link.
2. Then click add announcment in the left corner of the service (marked on red on image below).

world listings setup
3. Fullfil Title section (number 1) - its a very important part that help to advertise Your listings in search engines.
ex. Apartment for sale, Chicago, Downtown ,3 bedrooms, after renovation.
4. Add description with company contact data. Another important issue - the description should be unique and not published
anywhere else in internet.
5. Add photos and link to Youtube movie - only Youtube id example: v=bXqELgT0aZA. It is allowed to advertise interior of the property as well as building and drone movies. By placing movie You increase the chance to find Your listings in search engines.
world listings setup
6. Write unique description and listings details. 7. Use Social Media buttons - promote Your listings at social media channels.
To start register Your company by clicking button below:

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