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Houses for sale in Poland. International property listings and offers.

In this part of service we are presenting to elite houses for sale in Poland. Designed by remarkable materials. Modern shapes, attractice gardens. Great communication with large cities. All details in listings descriptions.

Presented properties are located near main polish cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk. We are offering clasic freehold house, detached houses and large mansions. You can find also historic residences ,palaces and castles.

How to buy house in Poland - online guide.

1. Select area and type of the house (construction, number of bedrooms and plot area). Instead of US properties in Poland number of rooms include living room. Most of listings are located in main realestate online services. Try to select houses that have been built after 1990 - the overall contruction of that building is much more better that older ones.The oher factor is area of the plot (property value) and local spatial development plan. It's a important issue because polish realestate market is very dynamic and developing.

You can search properties by own, by real estate agent or power of attorney. The last option is very comfortable when You live abroad or want to delegate all process. PoA with Apostille clause enable to acquire, rent and sell properties without necessary travels.

As a citizen of EEA (Europen Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) You can buy for permanent residence property that not exceed 0.50 hectares. Otherwise You will need permission from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

2. After searching property sign reservation agreement. The property can be finance by cash or mortgage credit (only citizens from EEA).

3. The main contract is prepared by notary office.All main contract (moving the right of ownership) have to be done by notary deed. Except agency commision fee You have to pay 2% Civil Tax and notary commision.

As a local real estate operator we can help You to buy property in Poland. We have also got access to properties that are not place on internet. If You are searching homes in Wroclaw or Warsaw feel free to contact our company.

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