How to design living room? Most popular add-ons and solutions. Online guide.

how to design livingroom

In every property there some essential works to do when You want to design luxury living room and apartment:

1. Select architectural project (surface of floor and walls).
2. Choose best add to shape lights and enlightments.
3. Design all interior wooden furnitures.
4. Add essential mirrors and add ons.

The living room is a room in a house or apartment that is used for socializing or for relaxing. People pay huge money for decorating and designing their living rooms around the world. In western architecture, the living room is also known as a lounge room or drawing-room. The living room is also known as a front room when it is near to the entrance. This sometimes can be used for the guest sitting room as it comprises of amazing furniture’s which are luxurious and exclusive, at times. The paper here mainly focuses on the designing of a perfect living room with certain other variabilities.

About designing a living room

Designing a living room requires lots of different things. Firstly, the person needs to determine the function of the living room. Then there is a need to décor the living room with a brightly coloured wall, large furniture and also an artwork in order to make it a focal point. If the living room is large then it could be split into two in order to make a decent space for kids to play. The living room needs to have a table or a sofa for having snacks or coffee. It is very important to make the entrance clear rather than placing tools or furniture in the way. Installing dim lights is also important as it helps in changing the atmosphere of the room. Mainly the living room needs to have a mix of ambient, overhead and task lighting. Installing floor lamps, table lamps and sconces gives a better look to the room.

On the other hand, if the room is small then by hanging a mirror would enhance the visual space of the room. There are varieties of themes that which could be included while designing living rooms such as Victorian flair, rich velvets, modern rustic, relaxed layering etc. Other than this if a person wants to make their living room completely exclusive then they should opt for geometrical or botanical themes. But for an elegant and simple living room mostly the furniture’s and the interior with glass items and led plafons work are being preferred (STYLIANIDES, DESANTIS and HEATH, 2019).

The best way to design attractive living room (especially luxury one) is to connect original architectural materials with special color compilation: black, white, bright brown and golden add ons (optionally silver one).

Importance of living rooms in properties

One of the most important parts of the house is considered as a living room. The living room is the first thing which comes in the mind of a person while decorating their house. People have different functions and purposes for living room. For some people, the living room is considered as a formal space that is reserved mainly for guests. On the other hand, for some people, the living room is to relax and enjoy their leisure time by reading or watching television. The respective room is considered as important due to the fact that most of the family time is spent in the living room. The room has always been the center of attraction (Lafuente, 2017).

Essential accessories while designing a perfect living room.

living room

Glass Chairs and Tables

The glass chairs and tables can prove to be a great décor style when it comes to design a perfect living room. Generally, all these glass chairs and tables are being made on an exclusive basis for luxurious living rooms. A centre table made of fully furnished glass or coffee table can be a piece of art for interior designing in a drawing-room. There several varieties of such tables and chairs such as:

Rounded Rectangular Glass Coffee Table with Nesting Stools
Nesting All Glass Tables
Curved Rectangular All Glass Coffee Table
Round Glass and Wood Table with Nested Stools
Lucite bar stool
French chairs and armchairs
Veronica acrylic chair
Leed paintings

welaik touch switches

Glass Electric Touch Switches

The glass electric touch switches are beautifully designed instinctive glass panel touch-screen devices that provide enhanced console and artistic appeal for a better guest understanding. These are highly customizable according to the need of the client. These switches are sleek in appearance and compatible with any load type practically for example LED bulbs, incandescent and fluorescent.

It is a three-way switch; one can turn off and on the same light from various positions after being synchronized. The switches work with a light touch and should be handled with care as they have minute sensors that can get destroyed if being used carelessly. The installation of these switches is also easy. One’s living room looks much better with all these switches.


The vibrant green colour of plants andi the connectivity with nature makes an elegant living room altogether. The nature is so versatile that it can look good at any kind of décor.

( moje zdjecia) Comfortable rug

A comfortable and cosy rug under one's feet is something that makes one feel inviting in the living room. The guest will also appreciate it too.

Bold drapes

The bold drapes help the living room to give it a character and good way to introduce colours. It acts as an eye-catcher for the guests too. If the curtains will be simple then they cannot give the living room that it should pursue (Homedit, 2020).

Led Plafons

People love to decorate their living rooms with false ceilings that too inbuilt LED lights in them. This makes it look awesome at the same time making the living room amazing and worth talking and luxurious. It looks very awesome especially if You choose plafons with crystals or special kind of glass.

Living rooms with some amazing mirror works are also being loved by the clients. So, there are times when they tell their interior designer to showcase the mirror establishments in the living room especially on walls. Some of the most originals You can see on picures below. Pay attention on this on green background – it has special side cut that reflect light additionally.

luxury mirrors

luxury mirrors

led paintings 2020

Leed paintings and varnished floors

Very interesting option in modern apartment. Leed painting contain wooden frame with embedd leed light connected to electricity instalation on simple electric socket. The light is turned by remote controll pilot.

Very nice add on in large tenement houses and modern interiors. Varnished floors reflects very well all kinds of light.

Luxury living room - inspirational interior projests.

living room design

Picture1. Presents living room in a large mansion. Wooden floors, special decoration surfaces original stairs, very nice enlightment and stylish furnitures. Living room with chimney, connected with open,bride kitchen.

homedesign livingroom

Picture 2. Presents modern living room in scandinavian style. Bride wooden floor with white paints and unique crystal led plafon. Large open, white and single row kitchen.

varnished floor

Picutre 3. Living room with very high room (above 5m) one the last floor of tenement house located in the city center. Varnished floor, original enlightment and historic, hand-made furnitures. Very nice project with large mirrors.

Conclusion The article highlights the important things which need to be considered before designing a well-furnished and attractive living room. The article has suggested a number of things which need to be included in the designing process. Furniture, artwork and lighting of the living room are considered as some of the most important aspects which need a substantial amount of focus. These aspects play an important role in changing the atmosphere of the house. It is also analyzed that the different decorating things in the living room reflect the preferences and personality of family members.

Author: Michal Banaszak

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