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How to design a luxury apartment?

luxury living room

Before we begin, you must comprehend the idea of luxury in design. Luxury is a quality that a particular mix of components provides in its ultimate form rather than one specific style. For example, if it makes sense, you might have a nice yet simple apartment that still looks luxurious.

  • select the architectural style
  • make an accurate layout with a scheme of all installation
  • use sophisticated lighting fixtures
  • add unique equipment
  • use smart home systems

    Quality and branding play a significant role in luxury. Expensive forms, exquisitely crafted aesthetics, and perfectly balanced materials are all part of luxury.

    Before you go out and purchase furniture, be sure you're dealing with long-lasting furniture made of high-quality materials with colors that won't fade over time.

    #1 Select the architectural style

    First and foremost, while setting up, you should be clear about what is essential to you. Prioritize your choices: Is it better to have a comfortable couch or a stylish sofa? Do you prefer a rain shower or a dimly lit bathtub? 

    You should highlight your favorite items and locations by spending a bit more money on them. Furthermore, it is essential to maintain a clear design line: whether rustic or contemporary, playful or harmonic, the more your apartment seems as a whole, the better the quality of each element appears.

    apartment technical layout

    Making 3D project with whole instalation scheme helps make renovation faster.

    #2 Make an accurate layout with a scheme of all installation

    The floor takes up the majority of the wall space. It's enough of a reason to pay greater attention to it. The rule of thumb is that the cleaner the floor is, the more beautiful the flat.

    The floor may be vastly improved with an easy trick: elevated "fake" strips visually extend the space and are a statement of magnificent living culture. The dramatic contrast between the parquet and the wall color adds excellent visual effects to the room and gives it a luxurious feel.

    A carpet must blend in with other "big fabrics" such as the couch and drapes, even in the most colorful flat. On the other hand, a gaudy carpet may give dazzling highlights to a room where the furniture is usually modest in terms of color.

    Long drapes that fall just below the ceiling and reach the floor appear elegant and extend the wall. Heavy textiles are elegant, whereas light fabrics are vibrant.

    luxury enlightment

    Sample of very unique and rare lamp made from pearl mass. Individual project.

    #3 Use sophisticated lighting fixtures

    I don't believe it's essential to emphasize the significance of lighting in house design. Lighting enhances the inherent beauty of the surroundings by immersing it in gorgeous, vibrant hues, making everything seem brighter and happier.

    A great lighting fixture will add a touch of glam to your space. If you want to be more daring, opt for a custom chandelier or pendant.

    If you want to be more elegant and basic, go for wall lighting, which is a simple touch that always works.

    luxury living room

    Sample of luxury studio with wooden, vanquished constrution and moveable top

    #4 Add unique equipment

    Since its inception, art has been linked to luxury in some manner. Exhibitions and music performances were only accessible to the upper crust of society. Despite all of the changes in the art business, it still goes hand in hand for some reason.

    Choose stunning artworks such as paintings and sculptures and spread them across critical spaces such as dining rooms and living rooms to make your property seem luxurious. Make sure they're lit as well.

    Dining tables are among the essential components in home design, and you can't skip this step if you want to build a luxurious apartment. Why?

    Because you usually have them in places where you're supposed to spend out with friends and family, and isn't that the most excellent way to show off your apartment's luxury? Finish with a beautiful table arrangement or decorative item.

    Mirrors have long been associated with beauty and appearance, and in addition to being a practical element for your apartment, they give any room a clean and elegant appeal. Choose irregularly shaped items to get the most out of them, which is an excellent technique for luxury flats.

    Rugs have the ability to make your flat seem larger and more distinctive. Select carpets with stunning designs, but make sure they blend well with the rest of the décor. Classic rugs usually work their magic, keeping your space warm while still looking stylish.

    modern penthouse interior project

    Modern penthouse project. Dedicated mirror, well designed table and chairs, chimeney in the corner.


    Classic glamour apartment with high-class add-ons and big entry on terrace.

    #5 Use smart home systems

    People with smart home systems mostly interact with smart gadgets. Personal assistants, controlled CCTV cameras, smart locks, and lighting controls are the most popular connected gadgets. 

    There are also on-demand services, like Uber, dog walkers, Alexa, and home cleaners, that can be available via a smart apartment. Using smart locks and remote access control provides a great deal of convenience and security to these services.

    Generally, "smart home for apartment" suppliers are just gadget suppliers. Although, apartments with advanced management systems go beyond individual gadgets and DIY smart apartments because they include complete management systems.

    When the contractor builds a typical apartment complex, he contacts the power and water providers to make two separate phone calls. However, it is important to make another call: to the IoT team.

    These newly constructed flats are ready with the most up-to-date technology. Smart home systems, management, inhabitants, intelligent gadgets, and outside services are interconnected via an IoT network. Using this technology, businesses will benefit from cloud-based connectivity, including WiFi-as-a-service, sensor technologies, HVAC controls, and system management dashboards.

    Collecting data from the building as a whole enables property managers to identify general issues that apply to the whole property, rather than just to specific apartments. This helps them come up with better choices while running their building.

    No matter how intelligent the gadgets are, property management still has to have basics. Managers still have to collect rent, deal with maintenance issues, and package management must still be handled.

    Managers will be able to provide their tenants additional assistance with smart apartments. They may spend less time on labor-intensive chores and more time developing their communities, thanks to integrating property management into the linked building network.

    A smart apartment built from scratch might also have an event calendar, instant messaging to security, resident help, and on-demand property management from plumbing to dog walking.

    Final Thoughts

    With a clear idea of ​​what you like, you can make a lot out of your apartment. Because the difference between a normal and a luxurious apartment is not only your wallet but also your creativity. 

    This concludes our list of luxury apartment decorating ideas. Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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