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Luxury real estate market (apartments and residences).

2017-04-21 12:00:00 | Posted By Mr. Demo Administrator

Luxury real estate market. Best designed apartments and residences for sell.

Today we will write about luxury apartments and residences for sell. The article respnd for the typical client question that we can hear from USA towards Europe and Australia:

  • what the diffrence between real apartment and casual flat?
  • what are key ingredients of luxury apartment?
  • what materials are used in luxury properties?
  • why people are interested in smart home technology?


The luxury real estate market.

The term apartmetn partains to flat with large area, stylish and well designed interior located in the neighbourhood of prestigious objects and famous monuments (usually luxury apartments are located in quiet city areas with high level of security and wonderfull panoramic view).

The most desired luxury apartments are located in city centres in high secured buildings that guarantees all city attractions right by place of live. That kind of property guarantee: living in the city center ( time saving), all city attractions, great views from window and especialy high level of privacy. Citizens of prestigious apartment buildings can also make use of concierge - dedicated day to day services on demand. To sum up : all issues that apreciate rich people.

Usually fans of luxury properties are divided into two groups. The first one admire larege areas in modern "glass and steel" skyscrapers located in New York, London, Dubai and Singapore condos.

That part of luxury property market has the highest transactions prices - for example one of the apartment in New York has been sold by 85 million dollars.

In Monaco for example there is a apartment with the overall area of across 3000 m2, that based on 5 floors! The offer price was across 300 000 million dollars.

The most desired apartments in large cities are called "penthouse" - located on last condignation guarantee unique panoramic view on the city, large level of privacy and very high interior with big area of glass. In many cases penthouse is connected with large terrace and dedicated lift only to the last floor. In New York for example all best apartments and penthouses are located in brand new developers investments. Having penthouse for own is like living in house on the top ot the building.

Popular type of properties are also lofts. Located in old, industrial buildings are very popular among young people all around the world. With 6m high roof and very big extraordinary windows allow to design very unique interior and traditional apartment.

The second prefers much more "traditional" buildings like tenement houses, residences and castles.

Luxury residences for sell - international listings.

What differs luxury residency among sample large houses?

Just like in case of apartment: localization, construction layout, standard of interior and also panoramic view on the neighbourhood. The important issue is also level of privacy and security. Having residence is connected with high cost of property maintance.

That kind of buildings are very often connected with large swimming pools and even helicopter landing places. Thanks to large area of real estate and ground the owner has a vast opportunity to desing all property environment. The overall cubature is much more bigger than in simple houses. In many cases residence have a an embedded smart home systems and very advance monitoring cameras.

Watch simple interior below:

As You probably have heard many investors use a luxury real estate market for placing money in it. Is it really profitable?

Investment in luxury apartments. Is it proffitable business?

Because of luxury interiors, very expensive construction materials, attractive limited localization and unique property layout that kind of property is much more expensive than traditional big flats.

The point is that a well designed luxury apartment is very rare commodity and thats why its price is much more higher than conventional fla with similar area.

Lots of companies and private individuals treats luxury apartments as a way of rare investment. The bid price can be really high (usually from 1 000 000 $ - 20 0000$) but from the other side luxury apartment in NY can be rented for example for 50 000 $ per month!

The annual rate of return at least 7-10% is not something special in that segment of the market and can be achieved in many emarging market countries. In case of good apartment the potential owner can earn money in double way - by the increase of property worth and from rental agreement.

This situation very popular in apartments located in big cities and in case of holiday apartments.
Usually apartments are rented by company or individuals for:
  • long term (one renter lives in long period of time)
  • short term (apartment works as a hotel room and the yield is divided between the owner and the rent managing company according to accurate law agreements). In many cases property owners preffers second option because they are not involved in day to day obligations connected with the rental agreement and property service.

People like invest in that market because the potential buyers have much more bigger purchasing abilities than clients on conventional property. It does'nt mean that they buy everything and don't calculate money but If the see potential in properties they can buy several at once.

The property can be buyed by private individauls as well as institutional investor. Next big issue that differs luxury apartments among other properties: high class standard of interior.

luxury apartment

Let's take a look on the picture above. 6 m high apartment with lacquered wood and beautiful game of light. Pay attention that all interior is furnished in one style and all elements harmonize with each others. Lights, surface of the floor, furnitures, paintings and mirrors (great add that enlarge every interior).

And lets take a look on the second interior:

luxury apartment design

Once again: floor, paintings, enlightment and all elements are placed according to one style. Totally different overall outlook and two different characters. What materials are used in finishing luxury apartments and properties? Let's take a look in next part:

Construciton and well designed interiors.

Thanks to rapid development of architecture and wide access to construction materials allow many home owners to duplicate interiors in their own homes. Most common use materials in furnishing apartments are:

  • -original exotic solid wood (merbau and jatobe)- great material that can be used in large living room and also in bathroom (because of high humidity resistance), very tough wood resistant also for damage.
  • - stone (marble, granite) often imported from Spain or Italy,
  • - structural paintings,
  • - 3D wall panels and concrete surface of walls,
  • - glass mosaic,
  • - golden additions,
  • - crystals and golden elements embedded in the surface of walls.
  • - lighting that underline and expose apartment areas,
  • - monuments and elements made from porcelain,

The overall layout of apartment is very often totally changed that the original one. Bedrooms are connected with bathroom and kitchen is connected with living room. Luxury apartments are also divided into two parts: one for visiting guests and one for the owners.

The most important thing is to connect correctly painting together with the surface of the walls. Game of light underline the unique character of the interior epecially when other materials reflects the light inside also.

During furnishing design The picture that clients want to move to their interior not alway will be compatible with the cubature and geometry of the apartments. Thats why best properties for sell and furnished by interior architects from the moment of construction and developer standard.

Belive me: hiring remarkable interior architect can be best investment into Your property!

What is more important elite, luxury and well designed interior do not have to be expensive. Today interior architects can show You interior as a 3D visualization so the overall look and effect can be changed during the designing process.

Many architectural companies use virtual reality to show clients the interior in developer investments even though the apartment builiding have not been built. Most expensive parts and materials can be replace by alternative materials.

Let's make some break to watch how everything looks in practice and what kind of interior You can design at your dream home!

Today in many cases designing modern and luxury interior is inevitably connected with:

Smart home technology.

Thanks to development of mobile devices and wireless technology currently apartments are equipt to very advance systems connected with buildings. Special company design the layout of special devices and remote controlers that allow you to:

  • - control temperature inside the apartment,
  • level of air humidity,
  • control particular part of enlightment inside property,
  • control separate devices in apartments,
  • programm the behavior and functions of simple,
  • estblished new securities in apartment and whole development investment,
  • manage all fuctions from one or mobile devices,
  • monitor all interior even if You are outside of property,

How it works in practice? The apartment (or house) has embedded electronic wireless controller that is connected with other remote controll devices inside property. All funcions can be programmed from controller or mobile devices (like smartphone). Together with IT guys it's possible to place really usefull functions in property interior.

Example of golden mosaic built in the wall of bathroom (golden mosaic, crystal white tiles and white cold LEED enlightment). Pay attention on the level of reflecting light by mosaic - it's almost like mirror!

Sample use of enlightment controll inside apartment. Pay attention on three source of light: - moonlight Leed (arctic cold white), sample yellow and warm Leed. All light can be controll from one source.

Let's see it closely to understand the overall system:

Modern smart home systems

With a million chores to finish around the house in addition to making sure that your kids are tucked in bed right after finishing their homework, sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night wondering if you have switched off the coffee maker or if your kitchen door was properly shut and secured.

Modern smart home systems can tell you the answer to your questions and silence your worries by just taking a quick look at your smart phone or your tablet.

What are modern smart home systems and how do they work?

The idea is automating a few of the tasks that you do around the house in order to be more efficient and to save time. You simply connect all your devices together and connect them to your smart phone and your tablet.

Any device at your home that uses electricity can be easily connected to your home network so that you can control it. Whatever the way you choose to monitor your devices through a smart phone, a voice command or remote control your smart home system will respond.

Most of home theatres, home security, lighting and thermostat regulators work can be controlled by smart home systems.

Although first they were introduced for millions of dollars and offered only to the richest people, today smart home systems are becoming more common and affordable.

This created a successful business that all came to existence because of the use of smart phones and tablets.

All these internet connected portable devices are becoming so competent that they can control a large number of online devices by one click of a button.

Why do we need smart home systems?

Having an automated system means having more control. A smart home system will allow you to control and monitor different devices in your house. This means that you can keep your house safe and you don't have to worry about your kids, your valuables or your safety whether you are away or at home.

Smart home systems:

Smart home systems don't only include devices that can be connected to Wi-Fi or local network, but they also involve devices that work on electric systems like electric bulbs and switches. These systems are characterized by a few features:


Automation involves setting your devices to work at a pre-determined time like programming all your lights to switch on and off at a specific hour of the day.

Also the commands could have nothing to do with time but to the change that affects another device like programming all your lights to switch on when your security system fires off in case of a security breach.

Once you understand the potentials of automating your devices, you can come up with unique solutions that will make your life better.

For example, if you have someone who comes at the same time everyday to walk the dog, you can program your front door to open for them and then lock when they are done.

Remote control:

Remote control is another key feature of your smart home system, allowing you to fully see and monitor all the activities that happen at your home while you are away.

The main reason why this technology is available is the great advancement in the manufacturing of smart phones. These devices have helped smart home systems become more convenient by allowing users to see what is going in their house at any moment while they are away.

Connecting your smart home system to your smart phone or tablet enables you to see if the doors are locked, if you the lights are on and get information about the temperature of your house. You can have a detailed report of what has been happening in your house over a period of time.

What are the newest smart home systems related gadgets?

The technology of smart home systems is advancing by the hour with many gadgets and options available to make your home smart and convenient. It is not just about installing a security system that will go off whenever someone tries to break into your front door. There are more interesting options that are available for users today.

You can easily take your smart phone and close that garage door that you forgot open or to switch on your coffee machine so that your coffee gets brewed at the exact time you reach your home. The options are unlimited with a lot of amazing ideas that are new to the market:

Zone based thermostats:

This technology will definitely help you lower your energy bill. A smart thermostat will allow you to heat up or cool your house before you get there using your smart phone. While this is a great option, you don't actually need to heat your entire home. Sometimes you are wasting energy adjusting the temperature in empty rooms. This device will allow you to heat or cool only occupied rooms.

Automated door locks:

Because carrying a heavy grocery bag or a sleeping child can be a real dilemma when you are trying to reach for the keys, these locks are smart enough to open as soon as you approach. You can easily press a button before you get out of your car or they work by your voice command.

Advanced security cams:

These will show you what is going on in your house in real time while you are away. You can watch your kids as they get from school, know whether they actually did their homework or spent time playing games while you are at work. All of this information is available for live streaming on your phone or tablets.

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